Payroll Solutions

LPAC Payroll Solutions offers the following services to businesses:

• Full-function payroll administration
• Complete confidentiality
• Monthly reports sent electronically to the business owner or designated and authorised recipient
• Payment of salaries/weekly wages/ bi-weekly wages
• Monthly EMP201 returns submitted online
• Monthly UIF reports submitted electronically
• Annual SARS returns and IRP5′s completed
• Payslips delivered either electronically or to the business premises

Advantages of Payroll Outsourcing:

  • Reduces payroll administration costs
  • Monthly SARS returns completed and submitted
  • Annual SARS returns and IRP5’s submitted electronically
  • Salary packages calculated upfront with all benefits required
  • Reduces costs related to updating of payroll systems and training of payroll personnel
  • Eliminates the internal payroll function
  • More time for management to focus on strategic areas of your business such as recruitment and staff performance that have a direct impact on your bottom line
  • Payslips sent to you electronically

Outsource Payroll Management

It is estimated that approximately 25% of a business owners time is spent focusing on the paperwork of its workforce rather than on the products that generate revenue. (Jefferies and Co Inc.)

DRG Outsourcing offers Outsource Payroll Management services to companies with 1-100 employees.

LPAC Payroll Solution Services includes:

  • Weekly/Monthly Pay slips
  • Third Party Payments and Reconciliation’s
  • IRP5’s
  • Management Reports
  • Delivery of Pay slips

Cost Structure

  • Wages R25 per pay slip per week
  • Salaries R110 per pay slip (includes Annual IRP5 if monthly processed)
  • IRP5’s R 55 per employee (if not part of monthly processing)
  • Payments and Recons R450 per EMP201 per month
  • Delivery ( No Charge )

Take on Fee

  • Including YTD Totals R 75 per person
  • Excluding YTD Totals R 40 per person

Typical Example

Client employees 4 wage staff (paid weekly) and 8 salaried staff.

Monthly processing cost and service.

4 wage earners @ R25 per week pay slip = R400 per month

8 salaried staff @ R110 per pay slip = R880 per month

12 employee’s administration fees = R900 once off take on fee


LPAC Payroll Solutions collects and processes information from clients, and delivers pay slips and management reports before the end of each month. LPAC Payroll Solutions handles salaries, UIF, PAYE, Skills Development, and other, on client request.

LPAC Payroll Solutions allows clients more time to focus on core activities within their business; safe in the knowledge that their employees are being well looked after and that they themselves comply with current employment requirements.

LPAC Payroll Solutions is a Professional Employer Organisation, (PEO) and offers Outsource Human Resource services to small and medium size businesses. LPAC Payroll Solutions offers "better value at lower cost" solutions in Payroll Management, Tax Directives, Employee Salary Structuring, Contract employee Management, Human Resource Consulting, Medical Aid, Retirement Provisions and employee risk management. "Your businesses human resource partner"


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